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We are often able to prioritise urgent copywriting requests. Maybe the copywriter you booked was taken ill or let you down. Maybe you have a last minute advertising opportunity which is too good to let go. Or maybe you are about to go to print and you are just not happy with the copy at hand. Whatever the reason, if we have the capacity, we’ll get you booked in. We promise to get back to you within 1 hour with a firm yay or nay.

6 Hour Turnaround

£570ex VAT

24 Hour Turnaround

£380ex VAT

Please note: For same-day delivery, a 6-hour turnaround will need to be fully briefed, and accepted, by 12 noon.

Wordcount Guidance

  • A concise blog post or web page: 500-700 words

  • An optimal blog post or web page: 1200-1600 words

  • An A4 page of standard prose: 650 words (Arial, font-size 10)

  • Optimal length of an email: 50-125 words

  • Maximum length of an email (best practice): 700 words

  • A 70 second radio advert: 70 words

  • An effective flyer: 50-150 words

  • An effective A5 leaflet: 250 words (max)

  • An effective A4 leaflet (folded): 450 words (max)

Make an urgent request

We promise to respond to your request within 1 hour (9am-6pm)