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The content audit involves trawling through all of the content on your company website, any associated blogs, marketing campaigns, brochures, flyers and so on.  Basically, any materials which are used, or have been used, to promote the company.  The purpose is twofold.  Firstly, a good deal of the content you have used in the past will be re-usable.  You can save time and money by re-purposing it for future marketing initiatives. Secondly, a thorough content audit will identify where gaps exist.  If you never got round to creating good signage, business cards or a company presentation, this exercise will highlight that fact, and set us out on the road to recovery.

Types of Content

There are a multitude of different marketing methods and vehicles designed to carry your valuable marketing messages to customers and potential customers alike.  Over the years you will most likely have undertaken some or all of these activities.  A content audit will look at everything you’ve done, identify the pieces which are still relevant and still usable and identify the gaps which need to be filled.

Online Content

Almost certainly your most important marketing asset, your website should be full of rich content which “sells” your business to customers and prospects alike.  Key sections include “About”, “Products”, “Services”, “Where to find Us” and “Contact Us”.

Nowadays a vital marketing activity, often integrated with your website, delivering your content to people that have taken and interest in what you do.  Also plays a key role in search engine optimisation (SEO).

Online ads come in all shapes and sizes, and can offer a powerful delivery mechanism for your content

YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, and the appetite for video content is seemingly insatiable.  Corporate videos, product demonstrations, workshops and webinars can all be recorded and uploaded – a useful method for delivering content to customers and prospects.

For some it is the scourge of modern-day marketing.  But email is still a very powerful delivery mechanism – if used correctly.

Newspapers, journals and magazines are full of content and your newsworthy events or announcements cash make for great copy.  Do you issue press releases whenever you launch a new product?  Enabling 3rd party publications to right about you is a great way to generate fresh content.

Offline Content

And under-utilised and hugely rich source of re-usable content.

The company presentation is a must-have marketing weapon and a rich source of content.

Again underused and underrated, datasheets contain a huge amount of information about products and services.

Potentially expensive, but a very effective way to reach out to new customers.

Possibly the most valuable content of all – recommendations and testimonials from happy customers.

Never underestimate the importance of good signage.  The sign above your business, the A-frame outside your shop – even the banner you’ve opportunistically erected across the road – can all have a significant impact.  So long as the content is right.

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