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How To Allocate A Marketing Budget

Large companies with significant marketing departments, will have tried and trusted methods for calculating marketing budgets. It will often be a percentage of revenue, and that number will go up or down depending on a whole host of factors, including the state of the economy, growth (or decline) in specific markets, past performance and [...]

What is Content Marketing?

Traditional marketing techniques are tried and tested. Think advertising, direct mail or flyers. With traditional marketing the product or service being marketed takes centre-stage, and the messaging is product-focused: "Announcing product X. Here's what it does, here's why you should by it and here's a great introductory offer". There's often a great deal of emphasis on [...]

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Why Email is Not a Form of Inbound Marketing

If you Google the term inbound marketing you'll discover there are a multitude of different inbound techniques, including SEO, blogging, posting in social media and uploading videos to YouTube. Inbound Is Good, Outbound Is Bad, Right? Another technique which is widely promoted is email. But email is not inbound marketing in any way, shape [...]

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What is Inbound Marketing?

We are all familiar with "outbound" marketing. Outbound marketing involves sending marketing messages to a person or group of people using unsubtle, shouty, traditional marketing techniques. Think direct mail, flyers, advertising or email. Outbound marketing is sometimes referred to as interruption marketing. You target a group of people and send them marketing messages in the [...]

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