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Lyrix is a Marketing Consultancy based in Ascot, Berkshire, England. Established in 2016 by Jim Wright, former Marketing Director at Dell EMEA, the purpose of Lyrix is to help organisations, both large and small, to transform their marketing strategy and, in so doing, to better promote their brand, their products and their services.

We help small businesses to get their marketing plans off the ground. Small business owners are time-poor, and many are too busy running their company to have the time to develop and implement a meaningful marketing plan. We help small businesses to do just that. We write strategic marketing plans, we create tactical action plans, and we work closely with small business owners to ensure they have the appropriate resources in place to execute the plan – flawlessly and affordably.

We help growing businesses to improve their marketing plans.  Growing businesses are often so focused on sales that marketing takes a back seat. That’s OK in the short term, but what happens when the pipeline dries up in the medium-to-long term? Growing businesses need to put the right marketing programs and campaigns in place to continue to drive the business in the right direction. We help growing businesses to structure their marketing resources accordingly.

We help large businesses fine-tune their marketing plans. Large businesses have large marketing departments and spend large amounts of money on a wide array of marketing activities. But which activities are proving to be successful? Which are generating a return on investment? Which activities are generating sales-qualified leads? We help large businesses to review and analyse their marketing activities to ensure they are extracting the maximum return from their valuable marketing investments.

Jim’s background is the IT industry, and over the course of a 20+ year career he has worked for and with some of the world’s leading technology companies, including Dell, Acer, Tech Data, Intel, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

We are actively taking on new clients, and welcome enquiries from businesses of all sizes. We are always delighted to help out local companies, but we are also excited to work with start-ups and small businesses across the globe.

Who We Are

Lyrix is dedicated to helping businesses better promote themselves through the development of rich and compelling content which enables them to:

  1. Be found by prospective customers through search engines and social networking
  2. Position themselves as trustworthy and credible in their sphere of expertise
  3. Adequately “pitch” their products or services in order to convert new customers

Our philosophy is a simple one.  Content is everything. What you say about your business and your products, what you say about your industry and your competition and what other people say about you and your competitors, will ultimately define your success.  In an era which is dominated by (or perhaps even controlled by) the big search engines and social networks, having good content “out there” is an absolute pre-requisite for any business which aspires to success.

We promise to bring more customers through your door, physically or online, by developing better marketing messages and deploying them through more effective marketing vehicles, than you have in place today.

Where We Are

Lyrix is located in Ascot, Berkshire, at the heart of the UK’s own Silicon Valley. We are a stone’s throw from the thriving, technology-centric towns of Bracknell, Maidenhead, Slough, Staines, Reading, Windsor and Wokingham. Heathrow and Gatwick are within easy reach and the City of London is just 25 miles to the east.

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